Episode 34 – We Are The Only Ones Left Christmas Special – Movie Chat with Tom & Ross

“Last Christmas you gave them your heart, the very next day they gave it away this Christmas we give you WATOOL podcast Christmas special”
An irreverent jaunt with your host Tom Andrews joined by Ross Armstrong through the Tinsle strewn landscape of Festive Film. Whether it be the home invasion survivalist double bill of “Home Alone” and “Die Hard”. How Will Ferrell shows us how to reclaim our childhood awe of old in “Elf”. The quest for the unattainable perfect family Christmas in “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” or the existentialist Christmas blues soul search of “Its a Wonderful Life”… we witter on merrily about it all. So crank up that Netflix digital fire that looks like an industrial furnace in the corner of your living room, pour yourself a mulled wine from a can that tastes like old cigars and air freshener, put on your 1989 commerative Cliff Richard Crimbo Cardie and enjoy…Merry Christmas film fans”.

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