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Episode 27 – We Are the Only Ones Left – Movie chat with Tom & Ross (Part 1)

Lovingly hijacking the Love Talkin podcast with a movie geek ramble through the contemporary pop culture scene. Hosted by actor, comedy writer and the punchable face of 2007 UK anti-video piracy, Tom Andrews. Joined by his good friend the “Stephen King of Stoke Newington” novelist and actor, Ross Armstrong. Delivering film chat paced to be…

Episode 7 – Jamie Byng Part 1

On this episode, we loved talking to Jamie Byng and his work with Canongate, including all the authors he publishes like Matt Haig, Rob Webb, Ayobami Adebayo and Jess Kidd. We also talk about the novel and movie “Life of Pi” and Barack Obama! Find out more at www.lovetalkin.com Follow Jamie: www.canongatebooks.com @canongatebooks Twitter –…

Episode 4 – Debbie Arnold

On this episode, we loved talking about her success in Coronation Street, Her love for beauty therapy and treatment, her ambassadorship with the national bullying helpline and the multiple actors and artists she knows within the industry. Find out more at www.lovetalkin.com Follow Debbie: www.debbiearnold.com Instagram – @missdarnold Twitter – debbiearnold1